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Assessing attitude to risk tools

Attitude to Risk tools

The risk profiler provided by EV comprises a psychometric questionnaire to help you establish your client’s attitude to risk. It communicates the investment risk in several ways – visual use of a risk scale, written descriptions and also illustrates the chance of being in neighbouring risk categories. Data is also included in respect of the client’s capacity for loss and, importantly, their investment timeframe which pays heed to FCA practice.

When a client’s risk profile has been generated, an optimised asset allocation mix is automatically produced. This optimised asset allocation will vary depending on the client’s investment time horizon.

The client’s risk profile results are automatically shown within other EV financial planning tools.

A full audit trail of all completed questionnaires is maintained to support your compliance requirements.

Further details of the tool can be seen by clicking on the FAQ link when you access the tool via the Advance Platform

Fund Risk Assessor

The Funds Risk Assessor tool provided by EV helps you to understand the risk exposure of individual fund(s) and/or a portfolio of funds.

What will it do for you and your clients?

  • Risk rates any fund or portfolio of funds against your chosen risk questionnaire/asset allocation mix.
  • Shows the risk level of each fund or portfolio of funds over specific time periods.
  • Allows you to select from approx. 160,000 UK or offshore funds from the FE funds universe or enter your client’s specific asset allocation holding.
  • Risk rates funds at individual plan level or as an amalgamation of all plans together.
  • Allows you to create an independent report.

Further information can found through logging in to the Advance platform.

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