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Forecasting tools

Pension Freedom Planner

The Pension Freedom Planner tool helps you to discuss with your clients how long their money will last in retirement compared with their possible longevity.

What will it do for you and your clients?

  • Specifically designed to focus on the revised pension freedoms and the many different options now available to your clients.
  • Allows you to spot, discuss and make changes to any shortfalls in your client’s retirement plans
  • Gives you the option of using an interactive slider bar that shows the effect of different market conditions.
  • Makes discussions with your client(s) specific and realistic, based on the actual charges and asset allocation mix of each of their products/plans.
  • Aligns with your client’s changing needs and goals over time.

Allows you to create an independent report at any time to provide a summary of the information that has been input along with the results that are shown.

Retirement Planner

The Retirement Planner allows advisers to talk to their clients about their retirement income plans in a simple and visual way.

What will it do for you and your clients?

  • Forecasts the potential income and/or fund value that your client may have at the point of their retirement, by incorporating retirement income from different sources such as state benefits, existing pension schemes, rental income from property and any other investments that your client wishes to include.
  • Creates a level of personalisation and flexibility, greater than that found within pension illustrations.
  • Helps you establish with your client whether they are saving enough to achieve their desired level of retirement income.
  • Communicates a realistic range of outcomes that takes into account a variety of possible market movements

This tool can be used at any stage of your advice process, including as part of your regular client reviews.  The client record and all of the data that has been input is saved, making it easy and efficient for you to use at any point in the future.

Investment Planner

The Investment Planner helps advisers show the range of possible investment outcomes based on their client’s specific circumstances in relation to their wealth accumulation.

What will it do for you and your clients?

  • Provides tangible outcomes directly related to your client’s investment scenario and goals helping to communicate the risk and return of any number of investment scenarios.
  • Creates a level of personalisation and flexibility, greater than that found within ISA and Investment Account illustrations.
  • Demonstrates the likelihood of your client reaching their investment goals.
  • Helps you quickly and easily communicate the effects of taking different levels of risk through a highly interactive interface.
  • Compares investment based outcomes to cash, to demonstrate the potential advantages of investing rather than leaving the money in the client’s bank account.
  • Allows you to include all contributions, withdrawals and charges/fees specific to your client’s circumstances.
  • Provides effective ISA planning, as well as other taxed investments, by taking into account the various tax treatments and charges of different assets.
  • The outcomes can be shown in today’s values (that include inflation) or future values (excluding inflation).

This tool can be used at any stage of your advice process, including as part of your regular client reviews.

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