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Junior stocks and shares ISA

We offer a comprehensive range of tax wrappers to meet your clients needs – for now and in the future. You can apply for the accounts below through the Advance by Embark Platform.

Tax efficient gifting between generations (normal inheritance tax rules apply, including if the donor dies within 7 years, the gift will be within their estate). Use available annual gifting allowance (£3,000) for each payer (free of any future IHT)

Any returns generated within a Junior ISA are free of income or capital gains tax and don’t count towards the child’s tax allowance

Given the long-term nature of the investment (up to 18 years), the Junior Stocks and Shares ISA offers the ability to accrue an amount of savings for a family member or loved one.


This account is only available within an Advance Junior Portfolio. A registered contact can open an account for a child. The child must:

  • be aged 17 or under, and:
  • have been resident in the UK for tax purposes for the last six months if their country of origin is not subject to UK tax
  • not already hold a junior stocks and shares ISA or Child Trust Fund, and if they do, intend to transfer its value to the Advance Junior Stocks and Shares ISA
  • have not exceeded the overall junior ISA limit taking into account any payments made to a junior Cash ISA.


The Advance Portfolio charge is a percentage charge based on the value of the assets under administration in the client’s Advance Portfolio. Cash held in the Advance Junior Stocks and Shares ISA does not attract the charge or contribute to its calculation.

For more information on our charges, take a look at our ‘Easy to understand charges – at a glance’.

The risks

As with all investments, there is some risk involved.

  • The value of the account can go down and the child may get back less than invested
  • The level of risk and potential investment performance depends on the assets invested in
  • If you are transferring from a cash ISA, your client should be aware of the increased risks associated with a Junior Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Changes to tax law may affect the tax benefits of the account
  • Charges may increase in future.
  • Changes to tax law may affect the tax benefits of the account
  • Charges may increase in the future

Keep your clients’ account in check and up to date.

Taking money out of an account

Rules for junior ISA’s do not allow withdrawals from the account.

Transferring the account when the child reaches 18

The Junior Stocks and Shares ISA will convert to an Advance Stocks and Shares ISA when the child reaches 18. The child will then be able to access the account as per the terms of a standard stocks and shares ISA, including regular and one-off penalty-free withdrawals.

Closing an account

If your client cancels the Junior Stocks and Shares ISA within 30 days it will be treated as not taken out and they will still be able to take out another Junior Stocks and Shares ISA in the same tax year with us or a different ISA manager. Any refund of payments will be returned to the registered contact.

After the cancellation period ends, all contributions are treated as gifts and cannot be returned.

If your client’s child passes away, any tax advantages of the Junior Stocks and Shares ISA will end, but there is no loss of tax exemption on interest, dividends or gains which arise before the date of death. We will pay the proceeds as set out in the Advance Portfolio Terms and conditions.

Your clients have access to a range of investment options, including:

  • mutual funds;
  • model portfolios;
  • investment advisers (DFMs);
  • cash; and
  • through our Horizon funds

Read our investment options

For supporting documents please view our document library.

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