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Supporting client conversations

Simple case studies can help bring to life financial topics and issues for clients. They can also enable you to show clients how products have been used successfully by others in similar situations, boosting confidence in the power of financial advice.

We will be adding useful resources to this section to aid your conversations with clients, keep checking back for new content.

Case studies

Flexible ISA

This case study explores how using a Flexible ISA enabled a widowed investor to purchase the new home she really wanted. Applies to: Advance by Embark.

Property Purchase

Discover how a self-employed individual purchased a commercial property through a Full SIPP by transferring existing benefits and borrowing funds. Applies to: Embark Pensions.

Enhanced Benefits

Learn how making a contribution into a Full SIPP enables an individual to jointly purchase the freehold of the premises leased by their company, enabling future rent to accumulate pension funds for retirement. Applies to: Embark Pensions.

Investment Flexibility

Explore how establishing an Option SIPP allowed an entrepreneur to access discretionary fund management services and future proof her business growth strategy. Applies to: Embark Pensions.

How to be pension savvy

We have produced a useful pension ready guide for you to share with your clients, prior to their initial meeting with you. It includes links to help them gather everything they need and what to consider in advance of pension discussions.

Suitability paragraphs

We supply some sample ‘reasons why’ paragraphs for when you recommend the Advance by Embark platform or the Horizon fund range, making writing your suitability reports that little bit easier.

*These should be used as a guide only by intermediaries. Any paragraphs used with your clients should also be approved by your own compliance individual/team.

Advance paragraphs Horizon paragraphs

Horizon quarterly report (Q4 2021)

The Horizon quarterly report is a comprehensive review of the activity that has taken place across the five risk profiled, multi-asset funds in our range.

This report not only discusses our latest views and current exposures but explains how this has affected fund performance.