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Tools & Technical

Tools to help you and colleagues in the research and advice process. Note that not all tools are available on all Embark propositions. Also below: conduct independent fund research and analysis via The Adviser Centre, and browse our technical notes in Technical Corner.

Advance by Embark tools

Capital Gains Tool

Our calculator will help you determine the realised capital gains and losses your clients have incurred on the Advance by Embark platform. It can also help you estimate potential gains from future transactions.

Platform Charges Calculator

Familiarise yourself with the Advance by Embark platform charging structure and discover the annualised value of platform and investment charges that may apply based on different investment scenarios.

Other Advance by Embark tools*

We offer EV and FE fundinfo tools on our platform to help you assess and meet clients’ needs. *The following tools are only available when you are logged in to the Advance by Embark platform.

Pension Freedom Planner

Helps clients understand how long their money will last in retirement by considering longevity.

Retirement Planner

Assists with talking to clients about their retirement income plans in a simple and visual way.

Risk Profiler

Comprises a psychometric questionnaire to help you establish clients’ attitude to risk.

Funds Risk Assessor

Helps you and clients understand the risk exposure of individual fund(s) and/or a portfolio of funds.

Investment Planner

Helps you outline the range of possible investment outcomes based on clients’ circumstances.

Advance Portfolio Report

Shows a valuation of current holdings and an overview of transactions, as well as performance analysis.

Portfolio Scan

Analyse a generic portfolio for research purposes, or a client specific portfolio.

Model Portfolio Analyser

Plots the risk and return of a fund/portfolio and offers the ability to compare this against other models.

Embark Pensions tool

Option SIPP Fees Calculator

A simple calculator giving a concise breakdown of the fees charged on both an initial and ongoing basis. Available on Embark Pensions.

Technical Corner

Technical insights and notes to support you with some of the more complex aspects of pensions and retirement planning, including on contributions, divorce, and drawdown.

The Adviser Centre

Impartial fund and investment research – benefit from select fund lists, sector perspectives, market reviews and more.